Why Buy Used

Whether you are a reseller striving for success in a competitive market or an end-user struggling with a tight capital budget, if you are not considering used networking equipment, you are putting your organization at a competitive disadvantage.

ANS provides a wide range of high-quality, pre-owned networking equipment including routers, network switches, GBICs, and optical networking equipment. All ANS products have been tested and are ready to work out of the box with no hassles. Our objective is simple: to save you time and money. You owe it to your organization to improve profitability and save money where possible. Contact ANS today and find out the difference we can make.


How to Request a Quote

 To request a quote online, please contact us directly at:

 305.302.2984 or sales@ANS-Corp.net

 305.302.2984 or sales@ANS-Corp.net

If you submit an online quote request, a ANS representative will contact you with information on pricing and availability.

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