Nortel Passport 15000 Multiservice Switch Series

The Passport 15000 multiservice switch provides service providers one platform to deploy high-capacity, carrier-grade switching that supports asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), frame relay, IP routing and switching, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), circuit emulation and voice services, and only one platform to serve as a multiservice edge switch or core backbone. With the Passport 15000 series, service providers can scale networks to support extreme growth-a single Passport 15000 multiservice shelf supports up to 40 Gbps of user capacity.

The versatile design of the Nortel Passport 15000 switch series allows service providers to mix and match function processors to support all interface speeds from DS-0 to high-speed OC-48c/STM-16. By supporting intelligent standards-based ATM networking including interim interface signaling protocol (IISP), private network to network interface (PNNI), and multi-hierarchy PNNI, the Passport 15000 series offers interoperability and scalability, with proven quality-of-service in a dynamic networking environment.

All Nortel switches are offered at substantial discounts off of manufacturer list prices and are backed by a 30 to 90-day Warranty.

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