Nortel OPTera / Optical Connect DX Optical Switch Series

The Nortel OPTera Connect DX Optical switch is now known as the Optical Cross Connect DX. Nortel Networks Optical Cross Connect DX switches consolidate multiple network elements into one platform, enabling service providers and carriers to dramatically increase network capacity, provide flexible services, improve connection and network management capabilities, and significantly enhance network reliability. OPTera Connect DX is the only regional cross-connect that integrates the metro network with the long haul backbone and can be deployed not only as an optical cross-connect, but also as an aggregation device, a high-capacity add/drop multiplexer (ADM) node, and a hub. The platform can terminate multiple OC-192/48/12/3 or STM-64/16/4/1 rings to further increase its connection management efficiency.


All Nortel equipment are offered at substantial discounts off of manufacturer list prices and are backed by a 30 to 90-day Warranty.

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