Cisco AS5800 Series Universal Gateways

Cisco AS5800 universal gateways include the Cisco AS5800 access server/voice gateway, which helps deploy data or toll-quality voice and fax services over packet networks, and the Cisco AS5850 universal gateway, a high-density, carrier-class gateway supporting up to 5x CT3, 96 T1, or 86 E1 of data, voice, and fax services on any one port at a time.

The Cisco AS5800 universal gateway provides reliable, scalable data and voice gateway functions for large service providers and supports public-switched telephone network signaling, gateway signaling, voice codecs, fax, RADIUS, tool command language, and interactive voice response. Cisco AS5800 gateways also support service provider data and voice applications, including: long distance, prepaid calling, local access, hosted IP telephony, ASP hosting and termination, unified communications, access to virtual private networks (VPNs) and dial-up access.

All Cisco Universal Gateways are offered at substantial discounts off of manufacturer list prices and are backed by a 30 to 90-day Warranty.

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