Nortel OPTera / Optical Metro 5000 Series

The Nortel OPTera Metro 5000 series, now known as the Nortel Optical Metro 5000 series, consists of the Optical Metro 5100 and the Optical Metro 5200. The Optical Metro 5000 series is an ideal choice for a variety of network needs, including storage area networking (SAN), data center connectivity, LAN extension, fiber relief in the metro core as well as private network builds. Nortel Optical Metro 5100/5200 allows service providers and enterprises to provide scalability and flexibility, supporting optical transport wavelength-based services such as managed wavelength and managed fiber services.

The Optical Metro 5100/5200 enables service providers to offer enterprise customers high-speed data services. It also provides a robust solution to all enterprise customers who are currently facing the challenge of creating a highly resilient and scalable transmission network to support their remote storage and business continuity infrastructure. Equipped with universal optical interfaces that can be provisioned by bit rate, the OPTera Metro 5000 provides simpler network planning, reduces network costs, and speeds up delivery of new services.


All Nortel equipment are offered at substantial discounts off of manufacturer list prices and are backed by a 30 to 90-day Warranty.

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